Yawei Li

Affiliation. Email.


Institut für Statistik

LMU München

Ludwigstraße 33, 80539

München, Germany

My academic journey started in China, where I obtained a bachelor in Laboratory Medical Science from Southern Medical University in Guangzhou, China. However, my passion for engineering led me to pursue a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering at TU Darmstadt in Germany. Intrigued by the intersection of technology and medicine, I then completed a M.Sc. in Biomedical Computing at Technical University of Munich (TUM).

Currently, I am a Ph.D. student at the Statistical Learning and Data Science (SLDS) group at LMU Munich, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Bernd Bischl. My research interests lie at the (i) explainability in deep learning and (ii) self-supervised learning as well as their applications in clinical medicine.


Feb 9, 2024 The paper Probabilistic Self-supervised Learning via Scoring Rules Minimization was accepted by ICLR 2024.
Oct 28, 2023 The paper AttributionLab: Faithfulness of Feature Attribution Under Controllable Environments was accepted by NeurIPS 2023 XAIA Workshop. For those interested in delving into the details of our work, we have uploaded an extended version (with 9-page main text) on ArXiv.
Jun 22, 2022 The paper Analyzing the Effects of Handling Data Imbalance on Learned Features from Medical Images by Looking Into the Models was accepted by the ICML 2022 Workshop: Interpretable Machine Learning in Healthcare. Check out the ArXiv version.
May 18, 2022 I started an open-source project: saliency-metrics.
Feb 15, 2022 I joined the SAP AI Research as an intern.

selected publications

  1. Probabilistic Self-supervised Representation Learning via Scoring Rules Minimization
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  2. AttributionLab: Faithfulness of Feature Attribution Under Controllable Environments
    Yang Zhang*, Yawei Li*, Hannah Brown, and 5 more authors
    ArXiv, 2023
  3. A Dual-Perspective Approach to Evaluating Feature Attribution Methods
    Yawei Li*, Yang Zhang*, Kenji Kawaguchi, and 3 more authors
    ArXiv, 2023
  4. Deep learning-based classification of dermatological lesions given a limited amount of labelled data
    S Krammer, Y Li, N Jakob, and 6 more authors
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  5. Fine-Grained Neural Network Explanation by Identifying Input Features with Predictive Information
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  6. Explaining covid-19 and thoracic pathology model predictions by identifying informative input features
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